About me…

Photo of first dyeing attempts
First yarn dyeing attempts using bargain basket odd balls of yarn dyed with food colouring.

Abstract Cat is a one-woman, home-based business based in the beautiful cathedral city of Dunblane in Scotland.


Back in 2007/2008ish I fancied trying something new – after many false starts and aborted efforts I had learned to crochet, and decided to take things a step further and give dyeing my own yarn a try. Initially I tried dyeing with food colouring (messy, but safe and fun), then ordered a beginner’s dyeing pack and a selection of yarn and spent a happy afternoon making a huge mess.

I showed a few friends my efforts and the feedback was “this is great, dye more, sell it!” At the time my health was poor so I put dyeing kit and yarn away and largely forgot about them. Roll on winter and I wanted to crochet a shawl in a specific shade of red. None of the indie dyers I usually frequented had quite the right shade, so I decided to try dyeing my own.

Abstract Cat yarn arranged in a wheel
Skeins of AbCat yarn

That was the start, Abstract Cat was born and in August/September 2009 I sold my first skein of yarn to a paying customer. Several years on, I’m still dyeing and selling yarn, although I’ve mostly moved away from very highly variegated yarn towards more subtle randomly dyed variegations and semi-solids, but I still love bright colours and specialise inĀ  2-ply laceweight and 4-ply/sock type yarns.