• Do you have a shop? Where is it? I want to see/feel the yarn before I buy…

I am an online business, based at my house in Dunblane, Scotland and don’t have a bricks and mortar shop so I cannot accept callers. If you are in the Glasgow area, The Yarn Cake stocks a selection of Abstract Cat yarn (subject to availability, demand and time of year!) Alternatively, I occasionally sell at shows. Knit Camp Stirling (2010) was my first, but I have been a regular vendor at Glasgow School of Yarn held in October, for the last five years.


  • How does the yarn work up? Will it stripe? What will it look like?

The simple answer is I don’t know! I try to random-dye my yarn, although sometimes you’ll get some slight patterning, but what the end result will be very much depends on your pattern, gauge, needle/hook size, etc. I’m a crocheter rather than a knitter, so my patterning could be very different from a knitted item. I have included some examples of yarn worked up below (click the photos to view full-size):


part of a crocheted sock
Part of a sock! Crocheted from 75% superwash wool/25% nylon blend 4-ply yarn. Pattern: Toe Up socks (crochet) by Patons

Detail of chunky cowl.
Detail from cowl crocheted from Chunky merino wave wrap yarn. Pattern: Mobius Cowl by Marilyn J Wallace

silky baby alpaca shawl.
Part of a shawl! Crocheted from Silky baby alpaca 2-ply laceweight yarn. Pattern: Hanataba by Joyce Yu

Orange BFL laceweight shawl.
Shawl crocheted from 100% Bluefaced Leicester 2-ply laceweight yarn. Pattern: Eva’s Shawl by Milobo
  • How do I care for the yarn? Can I wash knitted/crocheted items in the washing machine?

I always recommend hand-washing of items made from hand-dyed yarn to preserve the colours, and the care instructions on the yarn labels reflect this. However, yarn labelled as ‘superwash’ has been treated at the mill to make it less likely to felt, and is easier to care for, and it may be possible to wash it on a hand wash or equivalent cycle in a modern washing machine – at your own risk.


  • I bought colourway Xxx from you, can you dye some more for me?

The vast majority of my colourways are unique and unrepeatable, so I always recommend that you ensure tou purchase enough to finiish your intended project. I may dye something similar in future but as I don’t usually keep notes, it’s unlikely that future dyes would be a similar enough match. I do carry some semi-repeatable colourways which are identifiable by their batch numbers. However even here there can be significant diffrences between batches.