Spring is in the air! (Well, maybe…)

The snowdrops are out and the crocus and daffodil shoots are pushing their way through… It’s still chilly but the longer daylight hours hint that spring is just around the corner (I hope – anything could happen, it is Scotland after all).

I’m still trying to get out of my hibernation/”everything should be purple” rut, and new spring yarn colours will be coming soon. In the meantime, with Mother’s Day in the UK and Easter rapidly approaching, here are some spring colours already in my my shop. And sparkles aren’t just for Christmas! If you like what’s in the basket above, I’ve provided direct links to individual yarns below, but you should also have a wee look round the shop anyway because there’s loads of choice at the moment 🙂 .

Photograph of cowl crocheted in 'Coastal' chunky yarn
Cowl crocheted in ‘Coastal’ Chunky Merino Wave Wrap yarn

That skein of chunky that’s kinda in the middle of the basket… that’s Coastal, inspired by pebbles on the beach and seaspray. When I dyed it it had two siblings. It still has one, but the other got crocheted into this cosy cowl, perfect for keeping my neck warm. It’s based on Marilyn J. Wallace’s Mobius Cowl pattern, although I made this one taller and narrower and skipped the mobius twist. I’m a bit addicted to that pattern I have to admit – although I should probably stop ‘borrowing’ shop stock to make them!

On to the yarn…

Photograph of yarn in spring coloursLeft -> Right: Top Row Fresh as a Daisy Superwash BFL/bamboo 4-ply yarn, Frosty Silky baby alpaca 4-ply yarn, Fandango Silky baby alpaca laceweight yarn, Leapfrog Superwash BFL DK yarn, Glinting Superwash Wool/nylon 4-ply yarnLilacs Silky Baby alpaca laceweight yarn

Bottom Row Daffy Silky Baby alpaca yarnIn a Tizzy Squashy merino/alpaca/nylon 4-ply yarn, Coastal Chunky Merino Wave Wrap yarn, Greengage Silky Baby Alpaca laceweight yarn, Bell Heather Silky baby alpaca laceweight yarn (it’s a much lighter colour in real life!), Hebe Silky baby alpaca laceweight yarn

2W9A2322edLeft -> Right: Top Row Minty Sparkly superwash merino 4-ply yarn, Tromso aran BFL yarn, Pebbles Silky baby alpaca laceweight yarn, Beam Superwash BFL/nylon 4-ply yarn, Blush silky baby alpaca 4-ply yarn

Bottom Row Bubblegum Bluefaced Leicester laceweight yarn (it’s a lighter colour in real life!), Nimbus Superwash merino/bamboo laceweight yarn, Lime Fizz silky baby alpaca 4-ply yarn, Vortex Chunky erino wave wrap yarn, Crystal Sparkly superwash merino 4-ply yarn, Orange Sorbet Silky baby alpaca laceweight yarn