UFO Found!

Unfinished shawl
Barely started Unfinished shawl

I found it! Under a pile of *stuff* (old packaging, bags etc.) were a couple of project bags and in one was this UFO; the one that inspired me to start Abstract Cat, because I wanted to crochet this shawl but none of my favourite indie dyers had the shade of red I wanted. I’m not sure why I abandoned it – it’s possible my health took a dip, I got distracted by other things, or I got impatient, or more likely I was too lazy to do something about the huge yarn tangle that’s about 20cm from where I finished working…

It’s a shame – the pattern is Arrows by Annette Petavy Design and although I didn’t get far, stretching it, it looks like the stitch pattern was progressing nicely:

Stitch detail from Arrows shawl
Stitch pattern from Arrows shawl


I can’t be absolutely certain what yarn I used (being pre-AbCat, there’s no label), but it’s a 2-ply laceweight and I’m almost certain it’s 100% alpaca. It feels lovely and the semi-solid yarn and stitch pattern work beautifully together.

I think I might just try and tackle that tangle, figure out where I’d actually got to in the pattern, and bump this one up to the top of my projects queue. It was coming on so well it would be a shame to abandon it for a second time! What I don’t need to be doing is browsing Annette Petavy’s online shop and be tempted by more of her gorgeous designs!


*disclaimer: I am in no way connected with Annette Petavy – I just admire her patterns.